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I was born in Vermont and grew up in the scenic Mad River Valley.  I started making my first modest jewelry gifts for friends and for fun when I was in senior high school using my father’s extensive flute-making shop.  When I enrolled at the University of Vermont, I didn’t anticipate becoming a silversmith until my first fine metals class.  I studied under Laurie Peters who was an inspiration and who encouraged me to continue pursuing fine metals and jewelry design.  When I graduated from the University of Vermont with a B.A. in studio art and a minor in business, I had an opportunity to continue my creative exploration at Haystack and Penland studying under master metalsmiths Robert Ebendorf, Deb Stoner, and Diane Falkenhagen.  It was at this time that my first collection started taking shape and my business KG Classics was born. 

My work is playful, versatile, and unique.  Frequently, a design has multiple options for wearing which adds fun and variety.  I find great satisfaction in attending to the smallest details of every design and great care is taken to hand fabricate every component of my jewelry.

Inspiration comes from unexpected discoveries while I am working in the shop.  I will piece together random items to spark a new idea, or make a slight modification to an existing piece that significantly changes the look.  Problem solving can lead me in a multitude of new directions with a piece.  My design attitude focuses on the process of jewelry making which continually leads to bigger and better ideas.