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I got married!



HAPPY NEWS! Ben and I got married in September.  I have left my Irish last name for a Scottish one.  I am now Kathryn Montross and am no longer a Geoghegan (although that will always be a part of who I am).  Ben is wearing a kilt of the Graham of Montrose tartan. It is a familial tartan for the Montross Clan and he’s a mighty fine bagpiper so he is used to wearing this uniform.


It was the most glorious day that we could have ever imagined!  The sun was on the fence all morning about whether it wanted to show its sunny side but it decided to brighten up just as the guests started to arrive for the ceremony. 

And it kicked the gray clouds off of the mountain top just as we arrived to the reception at The Ponds at Bolton Valley Resort. We were surrounded by breathtaking scenery and sunshine.


The Ponds has the most beautiful lodge. It is simple and rustic.


Here are some details from the reception.  I had such an amazing time bringing all of my creative ideas to life for these special touches.




We left postcards at every seat with photos of me and Ben over the past three years and asked guests to write a note, a memory or advice to leave with us for our guest book album.  The insight, advice and humorous messages that were left will be cherished!


Christina from The Crimson Poppy in Richmond did the most amazing job with all of the flowers, and look at them on this cake.  Everything was themed around the Scottish Thistle and some of my other favorites like Ranunculus, Bells of Ireland and Anemone.  Gorgeous.  And, the cake was gluten and dairy free and was the best cake I have ever had (and that's not just because it was my wedding day)!  Ben decided that we would enjoy our wedding cake on our one month anniversary (it was still delicious), six month, and one year date because we wanted to enjoy it at its freshest before one year rolls around and it’s just a freezer burned lump. Props to The Essex pastry chef for the cake and the rest of the team that helped prepare and serve an incredible meal at our reception.



One of the best perks was getting to make the wedding band rings!  They are made of Palladium to match my gorgeous engagement ring by Todd Reed and all of diamonds used (even in my engagement ring) are heirlooms from Ben's Grandmother.  





I realized just how well Ben knew me when he offered as a wedding gift to give me diamonds to make a necklace and to pay for all of the materials used in the making.  Jewelry is such a great gift for men to give to women, but Ben knows that I rarely wear jewelry other than my own.  It was the greatest joy that I could have my hand in the design and creation of this necklace.  The diamonds are set in 14K white gold and move independently on the chain but nestle together when worn.  One is a little larger than the other and sentimentally the two pendants represent us, each very independent but naturally drawn together.  The sterling silver earrings I kept very simple to go with the simple nature of everything else.


After dinner and before dancing, Ben and I took a quiet moment to release some lanterns.  This can be a special moment to say goodbye to something you've been holding onto, to make a wish, or to realize hopes or dreams. 


I have never felt on any one day such excitement, fear, anxiety, nervousness, relief, emotion, hopefulness and happiness.  We did our best to take in every moment and to be so thankful for our beautiful surroundings, our loved ones who shared in our day, and our having been brought together!

I wouldn't be able to share these moments with you if it weren't for Stina Booth of Studio SB. Her professional and easy manner made her a breeze to work with and we never even noticed her through the evening's events.  She let us be ourselves and captured us as we truly are.  It is a great joy that we have such amazing photographs to help us remember our wedding day!

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